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Hyperkyphosis (AKA Granny Hump)

as a Predictor of Mortality in the Elderly


Research Review: Hyperkyphosis as a Predictor of Mortality in the Elderly

Original Citation: Kado, D.M., Huang, M., Karlamangla, A.S., Barrett-Connor, E., Greendale, G.A. (2004). Hyperkyphotic posture predicts mortality in older community-dwelling men and women: A prospective study.  JAGS S2: 1662-1667 – ABSTRACT

Normal vs Hyperkyphotic Spine


Why is this relevant?:  Increased sedentary desk jobs along with overuse of computers, cellphones, and tablets can lead to a hyperkyphotic posture resulting in neck and shoulder pain (1).  This study was the first to examine the link between hyperkyphosis in the elderly and a higher mortality rate.  This may indicate the need for postural re-education to prevent hyperkyphosis; as means of enhancing function, quality of life and decreasing the rate of mortality.